Opdag livet på en efterskole


Courage is contagious, you’re crazier than you think you are, you’re not in a hurry. Those are some of the headlines in this campaign for the independent boarding schools of Denmark, or “efterskoler”. We pulled back the curtain on the vibrant life of the young adults, with strong seventies vibes and an analogue feel, producing a campaign that can encourage young people to dare experience life at an efterskole.


  • Client: Efterskolerne
  • Idea & concept: Heidi Volke & Olga Bastian
  • Project manager: Helle Zier
  • Still photographer: Petra Kleis
  • Shooting director: Kristian Mott
  • Our role: DOP, Offline, Online, Music, Sounddesign, VO and Mastering